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The Official text-based RPG game based on the best-selling sci-fi/ action book series by Walter S. Ragland, Jr.
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PostSubject: RPG GAME RULES   Wed Aug 08, 2007 12:45 pm

In a world on the brink of destruction,
In a time of hoplessness and chaos,
In a future with no promise of tomorrow,

A hero will emerge as five mystical clans of immense power awaken to fulfill their destiny in the ultimate showdown between good and evil in which only one will prevail.

The legend begins now....



Author Note:

First off, let me say, I`ve never created a text-based RPG game but judging from what I see here, it looks fun! You can download the Wild FIRE RPG Video Game from my website (based on my upcoming sci-fi/action novel series "Wild FIRE: LEgend of the Ryukage"). I also have a Wild FIRE RPG Board/ Card Battle game that will be released after the book is out! This game is based on the Card Battle game format. Email [url=mailto:wfire3@yahoo.com]me[/url] for any questions as well as clan member # assignments!

OBJECTIVE: Total annhilation of the opposing 4 clans! (Which means you keep attacking until all other members` EP is reduced to 0)

Game Rules:

You must choose to play as a member of one of the 5 mystical Ryukage clans. Each clan has it`s own strengths and weaknesses along with spells that they can learn.

Tip: The more you know about the clans and the Wild FIRE story altogether, the more of an advantage you`ll have when playing! Trust me, it`ll come in handy! Visit the official Wild FIRE Website for more details.

The clans are listed below with a brief description. Click here for further information about each clan.

*Hikaze Clan (Controls the element of FIRE)
*Mizuki Clan (Controls the element of WATER)
*Kyoku No Fu Clan (Controls the element of WIND)
*TenZeki Clan (Controls the element of EARTH)
*Sunada Clan (Has the ability to manipulate TIME)

I. Character Creation
For character creation, please use the following guidelines:

1) Character Name
2) Clan affiliation
3) Bio - Anything you like but make it related to the
clan you join.

4) Choose 3 attacks belonging to that particular clan from the downloadable attacks list. (This list DOES NOT give attack status such as AP(attack power) EP (energy required to use the attack), status effects, OR cominations! Once you choose your attacks, I will give you the information from my master list so use your instincts when choosing! Hahahahaha!)

5) Ask me for your clan member #...

You can choose 5 attacks as per below:
*LVL 1 (physical attacks) x 2
*LVL 2 (ki attack) x 2
*LVL 3 (super ki attack) x 1

-ONLY 5 attacks allowed! I`ll tell you why later!-

7) Each player starts off with 15 EP (enery points =
life. AP = Attack Power)

II. This RPG game relies on your ability to find and communicate with other members of your clan. The more members you have join your clan, the better off you are (so get your friends to join in!)!

All players who join your clan will receive a unique number 1~#####+. These numbers are very important!!!! Why? Because it not only helps players from the same/ different clans identify each other but it also helps to add RANDOMNESS to the game (such as who receives a reflected attack and who gets attacked by a [url-http://www.angelfire.com/anime/Wfire3/kuragami.html]Kuragami demon [/url]that day! Hehehehe... These events will be posted on my BLOG as well as on here. IE, Hikaze member #22 was attacked by Kuragami #4 - Then you`ll go off to my b]BLOG[/b] to see what powers Kuragami # 4 has and waste him if you can!)

Keep in contact with your CLAN! You might even wanna start a new thread for clan members ONLY! The reason for this is that everyone will have different attacks so you need to speak with each other and "trade" cards to suit your own battle style. There are differen types of cards that carry different status effects.

CHOOSE A LEADER (make a chain of command)! This person will keep track of things for your clan such as who`s still alive and who`se not so it should be someone dedicated to the game and soneone I can go to to see what`s up if things get muddled. The better your chain of command, the easier it will be to make strategies to defeat your enemies. In this game, you will all NEED each other to survive!


-You can only have 5 cards of from your own clan in
your hand at
ANY time (which is why any untrackable
card possesions that you can`t provide evidence for
when asked will be void)

-Cards can be gained by trading within your clan (no trading between non-clan members) or by defeating ppl from other clans!

You can have AS MANY CARDS AS YOU WANT from the other clans that you gain through battles (again, must be trackable on this forum or else it doesn`t exist!)

Card Markings and #s.

*LVL = Card attack power level 1 (weak),2 or 3

*Attack Name
*AP = Card Attack Power
*EP = EP used (or gained) during the attack
*STATUS = Card status effect (stun, mug, steal, etc..)

*COMBINATION = Some cards can be paired with other cards of the same level from DIFFERENT CLANS to produce completely NEW and devestating attacks (well, not new to me cuz I got the list!) This area tells you which cards you`ll require in order to obtain a new skill! That`s why it`s important that you collect as many cards from your enemies as possible. because this way, you can use the power of other elements as well!

Cards from the same clan cannot be combined.


-All card "trading" needs to be documented on HERE. Otherwise it is void. Use this format:

[color=red]wfire3 from the "Hikaze" traded "Red (Card Color), LVL # + attack name" with "Same Clan member`s name". Received "Red ([color:7de5=red:7de5]Card Color), LVL #+ card name" in return.

-whoever initiated the trade needs to post. If a trade doesn`t take place here and you can`t prove it in the logs, IT DOESN`T EXIST period!

-The same goes for defeating opponents and taking
their cards. Use this format.

wfire3 from the Hikaze Clan defeated (enemy name + clan name) using Red (card color) LVL # +attack name). Received: Green (card color) LVL # + attack name from (defeated player).

wfire3 EP = (remaining after battle -remember to add
the EP gained from victory)

(enemy player) EP = (remaining after battle)

- The winner always posts the results! But remember, if it`s not on the board, it`s not valid. Any cheaters will be killed off immediately so keep it honest! -


Different cards have different status effects as listed below. You will not know what they are until after you choose your initial 5 cards and you will only know the effects of the cards that you hold in your hand. Status effects are as per below:

*Steal (steals card from player`s hand - you
HAVE to give him one of your cards no matter
what. But you don`t take damage.)
Don`t cry
about it. It`s the rules! Besides, if you`re lucky
enough you can always steal it back or just
beat his @$$ and take a better card from his

*Block (blocking player takes minimal damage as
card indicates

*Mug (steals cards from enemy and causes

*Stun (stuns enemy for one round)

*Barrier (subtracts damage from eemy`s attack
as indicated on card

*Heal/ Regenerate (adds EP to player as card

*Confuse - (Forces enemy to attack random
member of his clan. - Attacked player information will be shown on Blog.)

*Counter Attack (the only card a player can use
after he has 0 EP left. If you`re gonna die,
might as well take the bastard that killed you
with you!)

*Stun Breaker (you guessed it, used to counter a
Stun card

*Reflect (randomly reflects previous attack to
another player - Chosen by # on BLOG

*Redirect (redirect`s enemy`s previous attack
back to him for full damage

*Store (store`s enemy`s previous attack for
later one time use. Receiving player takes half

*Charge - Works like "store but weilder takes no
damage from received attack. In addition,
when the charged attack is released, it adds
+10 EP)

*DEMON SLAYER (Kills the random Kuragami
Demons I will insert into the game at anytime I
feel like! I will throw in a demon and choose a
clan color + clan member number at random.
If you don`t have a Demon Slayer card on
you when i do, you might wanna go find one
from your friends or beat someone from
another clan to take theirs because if you
can`t win by the end of the day, your EP
reaches 0!

When using cards with status effects, be sure to include the status effect in your post! IE. Red LVL 2 + attack name (Stun Breaker) used.


A battle can happen anytime, anywhere, from anyone AS LONG AS IT TAKES PLACE ON HERE! No outside battles and results MUST be posted otherwise it didn`t happen!

* Rule # 1- No running from battles. If you`re challenged, you have to accept. That being said, some ppl don`t chack this site every day. So if the challenbge hasn`t been taken within a week, it`s an automatic vicotry for the challenger who will gain +3 EP while the challengee loses the same mount 3 EP (no card reward tho...)

*Rule # 2 - The attacker always throws down his card first! The defender needs can only respond with the cards he has in his hands. This can swing the tide of battle in a few different ways:

a) an attacker get lucky and picks an opponent with a weak deck. CRUSHES HIM! Easy card gain and easy EP!

b) the attacker is unlucky and attacks someone who has a stronger hand than him, GETS CRUSHED! Too bad!

c) The attacker is smart and starts with a card that has a STATUS ATTACK like STUN. This will STUN the defender helpless before he even knew what hit him. SITTING DUCK! Easy Prey

d) the attacker STUNS an opponent who happens to have a STUN BREAKER card in his hand and reverses the technique. What to do?

In this case, the attacker will have to throw out another card and hope that the defender doesn`t have anything in his deck to defeat him OR the attacker can use a [color=cyan]BLOCK or [color:7de5=cyan:7de5]COUNTER ATTACK to reverse.

This exchange can go on until one person runs out of cards. No cards, you can`t play. Person with cards wins and gains all of your cards PLUS all of the EP to go with them! Grab a new deck.

VI. Gaining EP (Levelling Up)

You gain EP by defeating other players and collecting cards. For each player you defeat, you receive 1 EP. For each card you receive after the battle, you will receive the EP that it states to add to your own. So for example, if you defeat an opponent who was fighting you with a card that has EP-5 (or even EP+5), that EP value + 1 is what you will gain from the battle - 6 EP points! (plus or minus values don`t matter, just the number. )

Again, must be traceable on post... No mysterious super saiyans popping up so keep track of who you defeat and how much EP you gained from them! Some cards require a lot of EP to use an attack...

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PostSubject: Game Rules (Cont...)   Wed Aug 08, 2007 8:34 pm

VII. Taking Damage

During a fight, the amount of damage your player takes is card AP - your player`s current EP. if your player has a current UP of 10 and you get hit with a card that has an attack AP of 5, unless your card is a BLOCK, REFLECT, REDIRECT or something that reduces damage You`re current EP will be reduced to 5. however, if you defeat your attacker you will regain the EP that he took from you. This is good, because if you manage to completely BLOCK (nullify his attack) you take no damage at all + gain 5 EP and a card! (^_~)

VII. Player Death

-When your player`s EP reaches 0 (meaning you have no life), you gotta start all over again and you automatically LOSE all of your remaining cards!

At this point, you can choose to join the same clan again or join a different one. You`ll start off with 15 EP again and will need to select 5 new cards. (This may cost a small fee, haven`t decided yet)


In the event that your entire CLAN is wiped out, your CLAN LEADER must ask me to distribute new cards to all players (which may cost a fee because now I gotta put assign all of the card information manually until I can figure out a way to automate it to where ppl can`t cheat...) So the general rule of thumb is DON`T DIE, HAVE FUN & BUY MY BOOK! (^_~)v
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